Quick Tips Regarding Science

Owns whatever Pokemon game these days hit’s me Austin remember the guy the one who proved poke balls are murdered due tithe no-cloning theorem of quantum mechanics or that Chukka should be giant fat blob in order to make those frightening shocks I’m back to ruin your day because I love nothing more than ruining things that I love for reasons unbeknownst to both me and my therapist.

In any case this week I’m back totaling about poke balls because these things are freaking complicated and because on my last video covering the topic everyone rushed to correct me only explanation for how poke balls work in the realm of physics it ain’t quantum mechanics my viewers told me it’s lightweights turn Pokemon into light well dang alright let’s do this or at least Thought we were gonna do this I had all my research done ready to blow your minds about the weird properties of photons in a container and inertial.

Mass the only known method for turning matter directly into life and the horrifying implications and death that those practices would invariably cause everyone in fact I was so happy about this topic that I gleefully told Matt dad about it and he asked me one handed question that screwed everything up did you double-check that that’s really canon[Music]yeah I was just casually and kind of smugly telling him about my topic and how the process of turning Pokemon into mass would release energy equivalent hoover.

Thar Bombay the strongest hydrogen bombs ever detonated when he-asked me this one simple question is this cannon and of course no it’s not days of research down the drain for nothing and after that he went on to ask what does this mean for Pokemon who escaped capture why do they become easier to capture when you beat them up needless.